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Published 14 August 2020

Want to travel without leaving home? Join our Virtual Global WIL Program

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While you’re not able to jump on a plane right now to undertake a study tour or an internship, we’re keeping your international business and law experiences alive through our Virtual Global Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program.

The WIL Program for 2020 gives you the opportunity to broaden your cultural and professional horizons without leaving home.

How does the Virtual Global WIL Program work?

The program has a similar format to the in-country programs – students work in consulting teams of four to five people to identify, analyse and develop solutions for problems faced by host organisations. The only difference is that you do so remotely.

It’s also enriched with guest speaker sessions from leading practitioners on a range of topics – international business, regional ties, design thinking, cross-cultural understanding and personal branding, as well as panel discussions on themes such as women in global entrepreneurship.

Hosts come from across the globe, and may include countries like China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Uruguay. You’ll cover projects ranging from market and industry analysis and global market entry strategies to product development, service implementation and business planning.

Why should I apply?

The Virtual Global WIL Program retains the richness of the in-country experience and its work-ready benefits, while reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also more accessible – whatever your personal family, financial or work situation, you can build professional experience to get ahead in the employment market.

You’ll apply your knowledge and business acumen in a real-world context, and gain international consultancy experiences in an online domain. After all, physical distance doesn’t stop global connectivity!

Need more convincing? MBA (International) student Catherine Peng, who was part of the first intake in June, can’t speak highly enough of her experience, in which she analysed China’s aged care and asset management sectors to identify future opportunities.

‘The experience provided by North Head was very interesting and very challenging. I really enjoyed the whole process,’ says Catherine.

‘While I experienced the daily life of a consultant, I got a deeper understanding of China’s asset management market and policies, as well as insight into how foreign businesses invest in China’s Asset Management Market.’

Interested in taking on the world?

The next Virtual Global WIL Program starts on Monday 26 October. Applications are now open, but hurry – the deadline to apply is Sunday 30 August!

Find out more and apply now.

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