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12 August 2020

Could you use some extra support right now? Our chaplains are ready to help

The last few months have really challenged the whole Victorian community, and the recent escalation of COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions have made things even harder. If you’re struggling to cope, you’re finding studying online a bit of a slog, or you’re feeling homesick or alone, reach out to one of our multifaith chaplains for a friendly chat.

Any discussions you have with a chaplain will be non-judgemental and confidential. Talking to someone independent can provide solace in a tough time and give you a sense of connection. You may benefit from an impartial perspective on a difficult loss, relationship or living situation – or perhaps you just want to hear a friendly voice.

You don’t have to be religious to meet with a chaplain – people from all walks of life are welcome. Our chaplains can also advise on a range of different spiritual practices, including mindfulness and meditation.

Connect with a chaplain from home

Our chaplains come from a variety of backgrounds and religions, so find out more about them. They’re available to chat from home, so email or call today to make an appointment.

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