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10 August 2020

Study smarter with the library’s Resource Guides

You’ve just been handed your first assessment, and you need to get started. Maybe you are looking for texts, videos, articles or journals – there are a whole range of resources to support your project, paper or presentation.

Where do you start?

The library has you covered. Expert librarians across all four faculties have put together a one-stop-shop of key resources and databases for a huge range of subject areas. These Resource Guides are regularly updated and tailored for your area of study, so you’ll find only the most relevant information.

The library has an expansive collection – hundreds of databases, hundreds of thousands of books and millions of online resources. Resource Guides are the best way to narrow down the information as you begin your studies and collect research for your first assessments.

Not only do our Resource Guides summarise the best places to look for subject-specific information, but they also offer essential guidance on other topics. For example:

Regardless of what you’re studying, what year you’re in or where you’re based, the library’s Resource Guides provide an excellent, reliable foundation for your research.

As always, if you have any questions that need a more personalised response, we encourage you to get in touch with your Liaison Librarian. You can find them by faculty using the links below:

Originally published on Article, the Deakin Library blog.

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