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7 August 2020

Build your resilience with Cloudy

How resilient are you? We’ve created Cloudy – a toolkit that tests how resilient you are right now and then shows you how to raise that level of resilience.

Resilience is an important part of achieving success and looking after your health and wellbeing. Associate Professor Marcus O’Donnell, Director of Cloud Learning Futures at Deakin, likens resilience to a rubber ball.

‘The reason it bounces is because it’s flexible. It’s pliant. And it’s also incredibly strong. Because of this, it regains its shape very quickly. But one of the interesting things about a rubber ball is that it can bounce up and down or it can bounce forward. So resilience is also about gaining that sense of direction or forward thrust in your life.’

Resilience is something you build within yourself, over time.

Cloudy concentrates on building six different areas that develop resilience:

Once you’ve signed up for the tool you’ll answer a short round of questions designed to see how strong you are in each of these areas. You’ll then be delivered a tailored course of knowledgeable articles and useful habit building activities you can use to hone your skills in each area.

Join Cloudy today and gain knowledge, techniques and a better understanding of yourself. Just 10 minutes each day can be a great start to developing your own personal toolkit for enhanced resilience.

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