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3 August 2020

Let’s kick off Mind Matters week with some amazing student art and yoga!

Welcome to Mind Matters week! We’re excited to bring you a full program of amazing online events that are designed to get you thinking about your own mental health and how you can make self-care a priority in your daily life. We’ll also provide some tips to help you assist others in your life who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

The week is all about three major themes – care, create and connect. These provide a framework for putting your mental health and wellbeing front and centre in your life. After all, staying healthy and safe is the first step to succeeding at uni, and no one is immune to feeling overwhelmed or anxious – particularly at the moment.

Each day this week, there’s a range of events to choose from – you can join a DeakinACTIVE class, participate in a guided mindfulness session, attend a wellness workshop or discover hacks to promote positive habits.

You can also get to know our multifaith chaplains, learn how to pamper yourself at home or educate yourself about the link between nutrition and a healthy mind.

Come Friday, take a breath and help us wind up the week by joining our awesome live acoustic music session with local muso Miller!

How to participate in Mind Matters events

We’ll be publishing a daily blog with that day’s theme and events, including links and more information, so check in each morning to see what’s on offer.

Some events require pre-registration. View the full program now to see if you’re interested in one of these sessions and click on the relevant REGISTER NOW link to secure your spot!

What’s on today …

12–12.30pm: DeakinACTIVE Hatha/Ashtanga yoga session 

Warm-up with the sun salutation flow sequence, followed by gentle Asana poses to improve flexibility, muscle tone and strength, and Pranayama to improve lung capacity and create calmness within. End with a short meditation and Savasana to reconnect. This session is suitable for all levels. Join via the Deakin MOVES app or watch on our Facebook page.

Can’t make this session? Check out our 10-minute desk stretches to ease any aches and pains as you study online or discover meditation and feel energised with this short video on Pranayam breathing techniques.

Mind Matters art exhibition

Today we launch our student Mind Matters art exhibition. In line with one of our themes for the week – create – we asked Deakin students to share creative pieces inspired by, or reflecting on, mental health and wellbeing. We received 20 amazing entries, in forms as varied as drawings, digital sketches, poetry and even jewellery.

View our Mind Matters art exhibition!

Please reach out for help if you need support or would like to talk to someone. You can access a range of services, both here at Deakin and in the community

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