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28 July 2020

How to connect with your peers as a Cloud Campus student

Why do you want to connect with your peers? Are you looking for people who are studying the same course as you so you can start a study group? Do you want to see if there are any Cloud Campus students in your local area? Are you just interested in sharing your experiences and getting some advice from someone who has faced similar challenges? No matter what you’re looking for, there are plenty of ways that you can reach out to other Deakin students.

Discussion forums

Each of your unit sites has discussion forum where you can introduce yourself to your classmates and ask questions about the learning materials. Our tip for discussion forums is to be proactive. Write a post letting everyone know that you’re interested in connecting, tell them about yourself, and ask a question. If anyone else has posted in the discussion forum, make sure you write a reply.

Cloud Campus Facebook group

Make sure you join the Cloud Campus Facebook group and create a post to let everyone know what you’re studying this trimester. There are more than 4000 members in the group who are waiting to say hello and give you some advice on succeeding at your online studies. Type your unit code into the search bar to see who else in the group is studying the same units and is looking to connect.

The [email protected] Facebook group offers a casual space to meet and stay connected with your university peers while we’re all studying from home. You can also explore some of the other Facebook groups that are connected to the Deakin Life Facebook page.

Deakin Buddies

Deakin Buddies is an app designed to connect you with other Deakin students. It gives you the opportunity to search for other registered Deakin students who study the same units or course as you and who are living in the same local area.

You can use Deakin Buddies to build a network of friends and supporters or to find people who are interested in joining a study group.

Join Deakin Buddies today and start searching.

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