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13 July 2020

Put your mental health first in T2 with our series of free online workshops

As you study online in Trimester 2/Semester 2, we want to support you in every possible way. We understand that the ongoing changes to normal life and continued challenges of managing the COVID-19 pandemic may be causing some people additional stress or worry.

That’s why a focus on nurturing your health and wellbeing is so important. To help, Deakin has teamed up with Bupa to run a series of free online mental health workshops on a range of topics. These workshops are open to all Deakin students.

So whether you’d like a better understanding of what ‘mental health’ actually means, you’re keen to find ways to better manage anxiety about the current global health situation or you want to start practising mindfulness, we’ve got experts ready to help!

In these workshops, you’ll participate in group discussions and activities, build action plans, and receive tips and strategies so you can apply what you learn in your daily life. Put the below dates in your diary and secure your place today!

Managing uni life for success

Everyone has different demands on their time, and it’s so important to find a healthy balance between study and your personal life. In this workshop, you’ll learn about time management, how to set priorities and boundaries, and ways to make positive changes and healthy choices to enhance your wellbeing.

When: Tuesday 21 July, 3–4pm
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Healthy minds

What’s the difference between ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the mental health spectrum and how your circumstances, study practices and lifestyle habits can affect your mental health. You’ll also discover some practical tools that will improve your wellbeing while studying.

When: Tuesday 4 August, 3–4pm
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Mental health in uncertain times

How do times of great uncertainty affect mental health and behaviour? In this workshop, you’ll learn some key facts about current global health concerns, and how individuals can experience and react to times of great uncertainty, with a focus on health anxiety. 

When: Thursday 6 August, 3–4pm
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Understanding mental health

Why is there a stigma around mental health and what are the potential causes of mental illness? In this workshop, you’ll learn some ways to keep yourself mentally healthy, when to seek help and where to go, and how to help others who may be experiencing issues.

When: Monday 24 August, 3–4pm
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Succeeding at uni through mindfulness

Have you heard of mindfulness? Research shows it may help ease stress, anxiety and depression; improve energy levels; and support overall happiness and wellbeing. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify stressors in your life and how mindfulness can improve your focus and concentration, as well as grounding techniques to prepare for delivering a presentation.

When: Thursday 10 September, 3–4pm
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Everyday mindfulness: 20-minute guided meditation

Get started with mindfulness with a range of activities that can be used anytime you need to relax and refresh your mind. In this 20-minute interactive webinar, you’ll be introduced to mindfulness through mindful movement, cooking and eating, breathing, listening and promoting healthy sleep.

When: Tuesday 29 September, 3–3.20pm
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