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13 July 2020

Join our peer mentoring program to receive help from an experienced student in your faculty

It’s often said experience is the best teacher, so why not get the best start you can at uni by learning from a peer mentor who is already studying in your faculty?

Taking part in Deakin’s peer mentoring programs – in which one experienced student helps another student – can help you settle into university life and equip you with tips and tricks for navigating your area of study.

The best time to get in touch with a peer mentor is in Week 1, so don’t wait! Check out your faculty-specific peer mentor programs below and register today!

Arts and Education

You can sign up for the Arts and Education Peer Mentor Program now. This program will provide you with study support, in addition to connecting you with your peers within your faculty. Once you register, for your first six weeks, you’ll meet weekly with your assigned student mentor and other students who are studying the same course as you. REGISTER NOW

Business and Law

The six-week Business and Law Peer Mentor Program will not only connect you to your fellow students and help you navigate your journey at Deakin, it will also help fuel your personal growth. The program includes social catch-ups online and The Successful Mind in Study, Work and Life program developed by Professor Michael E. Bernard, which will teach you to develop strategies to boost your motivation, learning, goal setting, time management and resilience. REGISTER NOW


All Health students commencing this study period are encouraged to join the Faculty of Health Peer Mentor Program. You will be assigned an experienced student within the same, or a similar, course as yours to guide you through the first five weeks of Trimester 2/Semester 2. During each weekly meeting, your mentor will answer any questions you may have, help you navigate Deakin resources, and let you know about support services and who you should contact for specific help. REGISTER NOW

Science, Engineering and Built Environment

The SEBE Peer Mentor Program is your opportunity to meet people in your faculty and forge friendships with other students in your field of study. You’ll meet once a week for 45 minutes online for the first five weeks of the trimester, where you’ll learn about ‘university hacks’ and the things SEBE students have said they wish they’d known in their first year. Your participation can also help you increase your employability both while you’re studying and once you graduate. REGISTER NOW

Want more information?

If you’d like more information about peer mentoring programs, visit Deakin’s Students Helping Students webpage.

Remember if you’re a Cloud Campus student, you’ll also have been automatically assigned a Success Coach who has likely already emailed you by now. If you haven’t heard from them yet, email [email protected]

Enjoy your first week!

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