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Female Deakin student

9 July 2020

Say hello to our Physical Distancing Ambassadors

If you have classes that require you to come to campus this study period, please remember you must be COVIDSafe to attend Deakin.

Once you arrive, you’ll likely notice people in bright yellow T-shirts roaming around campus. They are Deakin’s Physical Distancing Ambassadors, who are responsible for monitoring the campus and ensuring physical distancing and hygiene protocols are properly practised.

Physical Distancing Ambassadors are here to help you

The ambassador program is a collaboration between DUSA and Deakin, and has re-engaged students who have previously worked in similar ambassador roles.

Physical Distancing Ambassadors are on campus to help you by:

You must respect the instructions of our ambassadors while on campus

Physical Distancing Ambassadors are easily identified by their bright yellow tops.

All ambassadors will receive appropriate levels of training, including training that will enable them to act as wardens in case of emergency.

They’re equipped with the knowledge to help Deakin manage the return of face-to-face activity on campus, and so it’s important that you respect their position by listening to them and acting on any advice they provide you.

To learn more about essential considerations and restrictions applicable to you before and during your visit to campus, visit Deakin’s official COVID-19 FAQs and our blog about visiting Deakin this study period.

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