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9 July 2020

Join Deakin Buddies to meet other students

How do you connect with other Deakin students? If you’re looking to meet people to study with and share your experiences, join Deakin Buddies – an app designed to connect you with other Deakin students.

Once you register for Deakin Buddies, you can search for other registered Deakin students who study the same units or course as you and who are living in the same local area.

Connecting with your peers can improve your learning in many ways. Studying with others can keep you motivated and improve your understanding of your studies. You can also use Deakin Buddies to build a network of friends and supporters. If someone shares your interests when it comes to studying, chances are you’ll have other things in common as well. 

Join Deakin Buddies today and start searching.

Learn more about Deakin Buddies


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