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7 July 2020

Deakin’s values are part of our DNA: how to uphold them as you study online

Deakin’s culture is defined by safety, inclusion and respect. We pride ourselves on our values and we celebrate diversity. We want every student to feel protected and supported, and to study in an environment that fosters academic and personal achievement.

Every member of the Deakin community has a role to play in living these values, including you. This is even more important as we all work together to manage the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some ways you can contribute to our University in a positive way – even as we study online and have limited access to campus.

Be responsible

We don’t want to see any inappropriate behaviour in our working, learning and residential environments. Our Student Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities outline the expectations we have of each other, and explain core behaviours of cooperation, honesty and integrity.

One of your most important responsibilities as a student is academic integrity and all commencing students are automatically enrolled in a compulsory unit on this topic. You’ll find it in the My Units tab of DeakinSync.

Be respectful

As a University community we all have a responsibility to address unacceptable attitudes and behaviours. This includes challenging attitudes that condone violence, disrespect, power imbalances and inequity.

To support this aim, all commencing students are expected to complete the online Respectful Behaviour module. The module fosters a respectful, safe and inclusive learning and working environment by examining issues such as human rights, gender equality, gender-based violence, respectful relationships and consent. Completing this module, which you’ll find in the units section of DeakinSync and on Cloud Deakin, will give you the knowledge to navigate some complex situations that you may face either at university or later on in life.

Be aware

Through education and leadership, we aspire to create a culture where students and staff can speak up and share their diverse experiences, ideas and perspectives. Our Diversity and Inclusion programs – encompassing cultural diversity and inclusion, gender equity, Indigenous student mentoring, and disability access and inclusion – promote awareness and equal access.

We also recognise the rights of our LGBTIQ+ students and staff to live free of prejudice and discrimination, and actively and positively support this diversity, including through our network of LGBTIQ+ Allies.

Be safe

Your safety is one of our highest priorities. While campus access is limited at the moment, our security team works tirelessly in the background to keep all our spaces safe.

If you do need to visit campus, remember to download the free SafeZone App, which will connect you directly with security services when you need them. Use the app to get help in an emergency, call for first aid or just talk to a friendly voice in less urgent situations. 

As you study from home, be vigilant about scams and cybersecurity, and learn how to stay safe online. And it’s particularly important to make our online learning environment inclusive and enjoyable for all. Everyone must use our electronic platforms in a responsible, safe, productive and socially connected way.

We’re also committed to preventing and addressing sexual harm, which is a significant issue for all universities as well as the wider community. If you’d like to learn how to respond to a disclosure of sexual harm, email [email protected] for access to our online student module or to arrange a training session for your student group.

Be vocal

If you come across any behaviour that doesn’t align with our values, policies and procedures, or is outside the student or staff code of conduct, speak up!

The Student Conduct Team investigates allegations of poor student behaviour, conduct issues and policy breaches. If you see or experience poor online behaviour – from offensive or discriminatory language or actions to bullying or harassment – you can easily report it to the Student Conduct Team through our simple online system.

For urgent or immediate help with problem behaviour, or if someone is in imminent danger, contact Deakin Security on 1800 062 579 or Victoria Police on Triple Zero (000).

For enquiries or disclosures about sexual harm, abuse or domestic and family violence (recent, historical and either on- or off‑campus), contact Safer Community.

You can also be a positive force for change by learning how to become an active bystander. Our free training gives you tools for dealing with difficult situations – for example, a joke or remark that makes you feel uncomfortable or constitutes sexual harassment – in a practical and positive way. Email [email protected] to find out more about upcoming training.

Be proud

We want you to enjoy studying at Deakin and be proud graduates at the end of your journey, so help us ensure that our university remains a welcoming, respectful and progressive place now and in the future.

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