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1 July 2020

T1 results are released soon – what do they mean and what are your options?

It’s been a trimester like no other and we want to congratulate all our students for adapting to a new way of learning and studying over the past few months. Now it’s results time – Trimester 1 (T1) results will be available from 6pm on Thursday 9 July.

How do I get my results?

Your results will be available to view on Student Connect from 6pm. But why not take the stress out of waiting? Register to receive your results straight to your phone via SMS – they’ll be sent this way from 5.30pm on the day of release.

Make sure you’ve registered ahead of time by following the steps below.

  1. Go to your ‘Contact details’ screen in StudentConnect.
  2. Select the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘Would like your results sent to your mobile’ field.
  3. Click to fill the ‘Yes’ checkbox, then select ‘Save’ to confirm the change.
  4. Check that you have your current mobile number listed in the ‘Mobile phone’ field, which you’ll find under ‘Postal address’.

You only need to register once to receive results for the duration of your enrolment at Deakin.

What if I have trouble understanding my results?

Our Results key explains what the results represent.

For T1 results, there is also a special temporary grading schema, which we put in place to make sure that no student would be disadvantaged by studying online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under this schema, both marks and grades will be used for all pass results and higher, and the marks will contribute to your Weighted Average Marks (WAM). Fail grades will not record a numerical result.

Read more about the changes to the grading schema and what it means for you.

You can also check our Results FAQs, visit the Current Students website for more information or contact Student Central.

My results aren’t what I expected – what are my options?

While it’s exciting to receive great results, occasionally you may get results that disappoint you – but please don’t panic! It happens sometimes and we can help you explore what options are available.

Get expert advice
If you have any questions or concerns about your assessments or results, it’s best to speak to your Unit Chair or Unit Coordinator. You can find their details in your online unit site through CloudDeakin.

Not sure if you can graduate with your results or need to discuss your options? One of our friendly Student Advisers at Student Central can:

Request a review of your results
If you’re surprised to see you failed a subject and would like to investigate why, you can apply for a review of your results. There are two types of review:

For each review, you must apply within five working days from the date of official notification of unit results.

Find out more about how to get your results reviewed and what’s involved.

Seek help and support
If you’re upset or worried after receiving your results, help is here:

Good luck and enjoy the break!

We wish you all the best with your results following this very challenging trimester. But remember that there’s more to life than your results, so be kind to yourself no matter how you perform and enjoy a much-deserved break from study.

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