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1 July 2020

Make yourself stand out to future employers with a Deakin Hallmark

When it comes to applying for jobs, internships, scholarships or awards, providing evidence of your transferable skills in regards to selection criteria is essential to your success. That said, sometimes it can be tough to illustrate these skills when you are still studying and looking to gain experience.

So how can you demonstrate your professional competency to employers while you are still undertaking your course?

Impress would-be employers with a Deakin Hallmark! 

Thankfully, there are lots of opportunities to leverage your experiences and show employers what is unique about you by applying for a Deakin Hallmark.

Deakin Hallmarks are designed to recognise your demonstrated skills and give you an edge in the employment market. They are co-developed with industry and professional bodies to ensure that they reward capabilities that are highly sought in the workplace.

Any Deakin student can apply for one of the University-wide Hallmarks, and students in some courses can also apply for discipline-specific Hallmarks in their field.

Recipients receive a digital credential that can be shared through social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

I’m interested in applying for a Hallmark – what should I do next? 

Join one of our online workshops to learn more about how Deakin Hallmarks recognise important skills and can provide you with an award to use as evidence of your achievements with employers.

We are holding Hallmarks information sessions on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 8 July, 5–6pm
  • Monday, 13 July, 12–1pm
  • Wednesday, 22 July, 4–5pm
  • Monday, 27 July, 6–7pm
  • Wednesday 5 August, 12–1pm


Each session will be held online via Zoom. Once you’ve registered for your preferred session,  you’ll receive the Zoom link and password to join the session at the designated time. You can also find more information on the Deakin Hallmarks website

A world of possibilities: how Deakin student Braden earned his Entrepreneurial Thinking Hallmark and created his own job

Demonstrating your skills is important to gaining a job, but have you ever thought about using your skills to make your own income? 

Deakin student Braden Mitchell received the first Deakin Hallmark for excellence in Entrepreneurial Thinking for innovating his way out of a challenging situation. Like many students, Braden needed to earn an income to support himself while he studied. However, rather than seeking employment, he used his entrepreneurial skills and understanding of business ventures to invest in what became a thriving family business.

‘Although most entrepreneurs in Australia are opportunity driven, in some ways my father and I are necessity driven as I needed to support myself through university and my father needed to find a way to make an income that didn’t jeopardise his health,’ said Braden, whose father was forced to give up physical work as a farmer after suffering from a back injury.

Braden, who studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Freshwater Biology and Management, acquired knowledge about entrepreneurship from specific units in his degree and was able to apply what he had learned to identify untapped potential in an ageing pontoon-hire business and, together with his dad, transformed it into a successful new venture, Lake Mulwala Barby Boats.

Want to know how Braden managed to build his business? You can read Braden’s full story on the Deakin Hallmarks website, which includes links to Braden’s digital credential for his Entrepreneurial Thinking Hallmark and the portfolio of evidence he submitted to gain this award.

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