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Students Helping Student Awards 2019

24 June 2020

Are you a peer mentor? Apply for the 2020 Students Helping Students Awards

Every year, Deakin recognises the contributions of the many trained mentors and student leaders who share their unique knowledge and skills with their peers. Mentors as well as mentees enjoy a sense of belonging and community as a result of the mentoring experience. Learning happens through dialogue and exchange in academic, practical and social ways. Both formal and incidental learning happens everywhere at Deakin, across campuses and in the Cloud.

If you’ve held a student mentor role at Deakin this year, you are encouraged to apply for the 2020 Students Helping Students (SHS) Awards.

Am I eligible to enter the SHS Awards?

Any Deakin student who has held a role within an SHS program at Deakin within the last 12 months, is eligible to apply for an award. Whether you are an experienced mentor or just starting out on your mentoring journey, you are able to apply.

Past applicants, regardless of outcome, are also welcome to apply again.

Curious about past winners? Read more about last year’s Awards recipients.

How can I submit an entry for the Awards?

To apply, you are asked to reflect on;

Award applications close on Monday 12 August 2020 at 5pm, so apply now.

For more information, visit the Students Helping Students website.

Want help with your SHS Awards application? Join our Masterclass!

This Masterclass will provide information and guidance on how to submit a compelling application for the 2020 SHS Awards.

You can attend the Masterclass in person by registering below – don’t delay as places are very limited!

Online Sessions

Wednesday 15 July 2020, 12.30–2pm
Friday 17 July 2020, 12.30–2pm

Register now

Please only book for the session that you want to attend. Sessions will run via Zoom and you will receive a link prior to the event. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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