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22 June 2020

Advance your career with DeakinTALENT

What are your career goals? As a Cloud Campus student you might be looking to take your career to the next level, or you might be working towards a whole new career path. DeakinTALENT has a range of online resources and services for students, no matter what your level of experience. We’ve put together a list of some of DeakinTALENT’s online offerings for you to explore. Take a look and see what works for you.


How are you planning to change your career? DeakinTALENT’s Advance program is for students who have three years or more of full time professional experience and is all about furthering your career.

Advance offers you tailored and practical support so you can evaluate your interests, skills and options. You can learn more about strengthening your professional identity, building your networks and developing your career strategy.

You can join any of the highly practical Advance webinar series to find out how you can position and present yourself effectively at a higher level. You can delve in to the Advance resources to learn more about transitioning to a new career, interviewing and assessment, and offer management and negotiation.

You can also access an Advance job application review for impartial feedback and book in for an individual Advance Career appointment to develop self-management skills and learn how to move towards achieving your career goals.

Explore DeakinTALENT Advance today.

Resources and services

There are plenty of resources and services available to students who are starting out on their careers.

Access a variety of on-demand digital resources geared towards your career development. You’ll identify your skills, learn about career planning, put together an effective LinkedIn profile and find advice on applying for jobs. Visit the DeakinTALENT resources to learn more.

Through DeakinTALENT you can get a resume review and once you’ve found a job you want to apply for, get advice on how to tailor your resume to that role. You can partake in a practice video interview to gain experience in this increasingly relevant stage of the recruitment process.

You can also join any number of online career success workshops to learn more about developing your career and visit our jobs and internship board to find employment opportunities.

For more career support visit the DeakinTALENT website to find the resources and programs that suit you.

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