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9 June 2020

Need technical help during the assessment period? IT Help is currently open 24 hours a day

The assessment period is up and running! With COVID-19 restrictions preventing the usual venue-based exams, online exam replacement tasks are a first for everyone. We understand that the new arrangements may make things a little more stressful than usual, but technical help is here if you need it.

If something goes wrong during an exam replacement task or while you’re getting things ready, you can access help no matter what time you’re online. From Monday 8 June to 6pm, Saturday 20 June, the IT Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need help:

Be prepared before the day

You can reduce the risk of technical disruptions by making sure you’re properly set up ahead of time:

Things to remember

Our DeakinCloud FAQs will help you feel prepared, so read these ahead of your assessment tasks and keep them handy in case you experience technical troubles on the day and need to contact IT for assistance.

And, most important of all, try not to feel too anxious about final assessments. Remember that there’s a range of online support services here to help you through. We’re proud of how you’ve managed this very unusual trimester – congratulations and best of luck!

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