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8 June 2020

Hey gents, this Men’s Health Week make sure you know your man facts!

Next week (15–21 June) is Men’s Health Week – an annual event that shines a light on men’s health, and encourages you to think about your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s an opportunity for you to learn some important facts and to realise that men’s health is about wellness as much as it’s about illness. Having a positive and proactive attitude to all aspects of your health is vital, and will help us to create a healthier future for all men and boys.

In the lead-up to the week, we’re highlighting some worrying facts and figures that show why all males need to be invested in their health.

Why we need to focus on men’s health

According to the Better Health Channel and Beyond Blue, the health status of males in most countries, including Australia, is generally poorer than that of females:

Know your man facts

It’s sobering reading, so if any of that sounds familiar or you’re concerned about these statistics, educating yourself is a great first step. Last year, the Australian Men’s Health Forum ran a campaign called #KnowYourManFacts to help Aussie males get a handle on their health. These include facts about how men are more likely to be affected in a range of health areas, from smoking to suicide.  

Knowledge is power, so make sure you recognise any warning signs with your own health and wellbeing, and take steps to address them immediately.

Get active for Men’s Health Week

DeakinACTIVE is pumped about Men’s Health Week! To highlight the importance of exercise for both body and mind, they’re running a number of events throughout the week, including two men’s-only fitness classes – online, of course!  

You can access these classes through the DeakinMOVES app, along with a couple of new challenges just for Men’s Health Week and links to some special social media content. So if you haven’t already downloaded the app, go to DeakinACTIVE’s webpage to start your new healthy man journey! 

Help and support is here

Have you noticed something new or concerning? Book in to see a professional ASAP. Whether it’s a physical problem you need to get checked out, or you’re feeling like life is becoming overwhelming, don’t put it off. It won’t do you – or your loved ones – any favours if a minor problem turns into something more serious.

And stay tuned for some more man-specific content on DeakinLife as we mark Men’s Health Week from 15 to 21 June! 

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