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20 May 2020

Get to know student and elite athlete, Liam Procaccino, as he talks sport, life and university

Balancing sport, home life and a university degree is challenging at the best of times. But just like you, in light of the recent situation, Liam Procaccino has been faced with the challenge of transitioning to studying online. With lots of great tips and strategies to share on how he is staying motivated during these times, Liam will be taking over the Deakin Life Instagram account on Thursday 21 May. Before doing so though, we thought we’d ask him a few questions so you can get to know him.

Current Deakin student and elite athlete, Liam Procaccino competing at AIS Stadium athletics track in a 200m sprint.

Liam, tell us a little about yourself

I am currently studying a Dual Degree Bachelor of Property & Real Estate / Bachelor of Commerce. Competitively involved in athletics, I have also been accepted into Deakin’s Elite Athlete Program to assist with getting some extra support when it comes to managing work, sport, home and uni life.

When did you know you wanted to pursue athletics?

It wasn’t exactly a sudden realisation but rather a gradual commitment from when I was younger. In my early years, my dad ensured I had every opportunity to find sports I loved, athletics, in particular, was one that I would go back to each year and with that reoccurrence, I gradually fell in love with the sport.

How did you feel when you were first adjusting to uni life?

Extremely excited! In my first year of university I was fortunate enough to live on Deakin Res. During this time I made plenty of friendships and fun memories.

Describe your study/work/life balance. What keeps you accountable for this?

Studying full time, training full time, balancing a job and some form of social life without impacting my athletic performance is an extremely tough and calculated juggling act. Routine and organisational skills are crucial in the life of an athlete and are what personally keeps me accountable for maintaining a balance across all aspects of my life.

Describe your morning or evening routine.

My morning routine remains relatively the same from day to day, it generally involves an early wake-up, straight into breakfast (of course, with a coffee) and then preparing for the day ahead.

How do you relax?

I do love a good afternoon nap. I also enjoy taking some time to watch movies or hang out with a mate or my girlfriend.

Liam with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day spending some time on the Ferris wheel after an Italian dinner.

Liam with the team after a win in the state relay.


If you’re an athlete… why did you want to study?

To provide myself with the best opportunity for a successful and desirable future career.

What is your dream job?

Currently, I don’t exactly know, but when I was younger I remember being a ‘Getaway’ presenter sounded like a pretty sweet gig.  Travelling to holiday destinations and presenting on enjoyable experiences sounded like an awesome job!

What scares or scared you most about uni?

I actually never had any fears about university. I’ve always liked challenges and new experiences, so being in the deep end where I was unfamiliar with my environment more excited than induced fear.

Ok, here’s a fun one: your favourite food/secret obsession?

Being part Italian, I could never go past pasta and pizza!

Have you used any Deakin services and how have they helped? 

I have been accepted into Deakin’s Elite Athlete Program, this program has provided financial support for costs incurred with my sport e.g. travel costs and studying flexibility when my training, or competition has clashed with classes and exams.

The current COVID-19 situation… has that impacted your routine? If so, how?

Yes. I don’t think any student living in 2020 can attest to not being impacted by the pandemic is some way… but rather than explain it here, I’ll be taking over the Deakin Life Instagram account Thursday 21 May, to show you directly what studying, life and staying motivated looks like for me now.

Be sure to follow Deakin Life on Instagram before Thursday 21 May to view a day in the life of Liam. He’ll be sharing his routine, study tips and a whole lot more in his Instagram takeover. 

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