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12 May 2020

Want to connect and network with other SEBE students? Join a society!

One of the best things about studying at university is the connections you make along the way. These networks can last throughout both your professional career and personal life.

But how are you supposed to develop these relationships – not to mention have some fun – while you’re stuck at home studying online?

Easy – join one of our awesome student societies, which are continuing to run online events and networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll learn about industry partners, have the chance to enter competitions, improve your study skills and have a few laughs along the way!

Which society is right for me?

Faculty-aligned societies

There’s a huge range of societies aligned to particular academic areas, so it’s easy to see which one best fits your area of study and interests:




General and cultural societies

How do I join a society?

DUSA is your student association, run by students for students. When you join DUSA, you have access to a whole range of clubs and societies, including those specific to faculties.

Memberships range from bronze, silver and gold, which will give you access to discounts, short courses, trips, sporting teams, and the full range of clubs and societies. 

Find out more and join today!

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