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12 May 2020

Staying safe off campus: how to avoid scams and get help in an emergency

We all have the right to be safe. Safety, inclusion and respect are the foundations of our university culture, and we’re always working to implement services that will support your wellbeing.

While we have moved to online learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please remember to remain vigilant about your safety off campus, including times when you are online. 

Be on guard for scams

While we ask that you continue to look out for coronavirus-related phishing emails and other online scams, as an international student, you should be especially cautious of potential scams in any unsolicited or unexpected communications you receive.

Deakin is currently aware of at least two scams in which international students have received digital communications/letters that claim you may face visa cancellation and/or extradition if you do not comply with a request to provide your personal details, certifications and/or money. These communications can be sophisticated and may look legitimate in appearance.

We have recently become aware of scams in which international students have received letters (via email) addressed personally to them, appearing to be from either the Department of Home Affairs or Deakin University, stating that the student is part of a random government audit concerning illegal activities/work by international students. In order to ‘avoid severe punishment’ and visa cancellation, the letters claim, students must deposit a large amount of money ‘within 48 hours’ in their bank account to prove they can fund themselves while studying here. Do not respond to these letters, they are scams.

How can I protect myself from scams?

Read more about how to avoid being scammed online

Where can I go for help while we’re off campus?

Remember to remain vigilant about your health and safety while we remain off campus. 

In an emergency:

We also recommend the following off-campus specialist support services:

Most of Deakin’s health and wellbeing services are available online, so you can still access support when you need it. You can: 

Other options if you need online assistance:

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