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8 May 2020

Revisions to the T1/S1 grading schema: what do these changes mean for me?

Last month the University’s Academic Board approved a special temporary grading schema for Trimester 1 and Semester 1 results release. Many students sent feedback and we’ve now made some revisions in response to that feedback.  So let’s recap:

Why did Deakin introduce a new grading schema?

‘We recognise the significant impact of COVID-19 on the academic and personal lives of our students,’ said Deakin Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin at the time. ‘Our underlying principle for these changes is that our students will not be at a disadvantage from studying during the current situation.’

We have listened to your feedback.

We understand that this unprecedented chain of events resulting from the COVID-19 situation has been a great source of stress for Deakin’s students.

‘This has been a tumultuous year so far, and many students are understandably anxious about their study and results,’ said Professor Liz Johnson, Deakin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education. ‘A lot of you told us that you felt your results would be adversely affected by the changes.’

What are the revisions to the T1/S1 grading schema?

‘The Academic Board has now approved a revision to the schema. Both marks and grades will be used for all pass results and higher and the marks will contribute to students’ Weighted Average Marks (WAM). Fail grades will not record a numerical result,’ explained Professor Johnson.

‘We agreed that the lack of numerical marks could create a real disadvantage for Deakin students applying for course selection or transfer to external institutions.’ See the complete revised grading schema.

See our T1/S1 2020 grading schema FAQs.

You can access the complete explanation of this grading schema for Trimester and Semester 1 2020 in the Enrolment, study and financial support FAQs. These FAQs will be updated regularly, providing you with the latest information so please ensure you bookmark and continue to monitor this page.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Enrolment, study and financial support FAQs, please contact Student Central for further advice.

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