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24 April 2020

Reminder: you must confirm your contact details are up to date in StudentConnect by today (Friday 24 April)

Have any of your personal details changed since you enrolled at Deakin? Please remember to keep your contact details, particularly your address, up to date in StudentConnect while you are studying. It is important we know where you are located when scheduling exams or online assessment tasks you may undertake, especially since teaching and studying have transitioned online. 

Check your home address

Your ‘home address’ in StudentConnect should reflect where you are currently living. We use this address to help determine where you will be during the T1 exam period. If any of your residential details change, you must remember to immediately update this information in StudentConnect.

Check your postal address

The ‘postal address’ in StudentConnect is the location where we can send mail to you. This may or may not reflect your residential address. As with your home address, you must keep these details current to ensure you receive all communications essential to your studies and assessments at Deakin. If you have your mobile number recorded in your postal address, we can also use this to send you text messages and, if you have selected the relevant ‘yes’ field, your results at the end of each study period.

Need to update your address?

If either your home or postal addresses are no longer correct, please update your address details in StudentConnect by Friday 24 April 2020.

Are your other personal details current?

Please ensure you also have the following details recorded correctly in StudentConnect:

Failure to provide or keep these details up to date in StudentConnect may result in you not receiving important information about your study and course. Deakin may also place an encumbrance against your student record which will restrict your access to unit results.

Need help?

If you have any difficulties checking or amending your personal details in StudentConnect, please contact Student Central via the enquiry form or by phone with the contact details below.

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