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24 April 2020

Are you producing and submitting your assignments in an honest and fair way?

As we approach the assignment and exam preparation period of Trimester 1, we want to make sure that you understand your responsibility for upholding academic integrity – which is about studying in an honest and fair way. 

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is one of the foundations of our University culture. It relates to creating and submitting your work in an honest and fair way, acting and communicating ethically, and showing respect for the work of others.

Make sure you are across all the various aspects by visiting our academic integrity website, which explains how to uphold these standards and gives you helpful advice and resources.

If you’re a commencing student, you’ll be automatically enrolled in a compulsory unit on academic integrity, which will help you develop knowledge, skills and good practice principles during your study, so that you avoid allegations such as plagiarism, collusion and contract cheating (which involves a student asking a third party to complete their University work). The unit will take about two hours to complete and you’ll find it in the My Units tab of DeakinSync.

You can read more online about University’s expectations of you in adhering to the expectations of Deakin’s Student Code of Conduct and Student Academic Integrity Policy.

Having difficulty with your work? Remember that genuine help is available

We know that you’ve come to uni to learn and we want all our students to succeed in their studies. While we understand that the COVID-19 situation and transition to online study has been complex and at times difficult, you shouldn’t feel like you need to cut corners or breach ethical standards to succeed.

If you need help with your assignments, use the help that is provided by Deakin – this way, you know it’s legitimate.

Check out the full range of study support available at Deakin and remember that the best source of help is your Unit Chair or teaching team. They’re here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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