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Deakin student and Maths Mentor Miah Meeson

23 April 2020

Maths Mentor Miah tells us how we can improve our maths while studying remotely

We asked Deakin student and Maths Mentor Miah Meesen to tell us more about what it’s like being a Maths Mentor and his top tips for succeeding with maths subjects.

Miah is currently undertaking his fourth year of study towards a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (with Mathematics as an area of specialisation) at the Waurn Ponds Campus.

What are you hoping to do after university professionally?

Ideally, I’ll gain employment as a secondary Health, Physical Education and Mathematics teacher after completing my degree.

Why did you become a Maths Mentor?

I became a Maths Mentor as it was a fantastic opportunity to practice my mathematics knowledge while simultaneously supporting students’ learning, both of which are passions of mine.

What are the most common problems that students bring to you?

There probably isn’t a common area of mathematics that students commonly seek our assistance with, as every student is different. However, more often than not, students who drop-in may already have the required knowledge but just need the confidence to attempt the questions, which hopefully we help provide through our support and guidance!

What are your go-to tips for students who want to improve their maths skills?

The three tips I’d suggest to students would be to:

  1. Access multiple resources to shape and support your mathematic understandings such as textbooks, videos, peers, discussion boards, lectures, Maths Mentors portal and Math Mentors (the list could go on!)
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  3. Practice, practice and practice some more!

What sort of challenges do you think students will face studying online, and how can a student get the most out of a Maths Mentor drop-in or appointment online? 

As a fellow student, with this shift to studying online I think many of us will be struggling with self-motivation, organisation and learning through a different way of ‘normal’.

For students to get the most out of a Math Mentors BlackBoard Collaborate drop-in, I’d strongly encourage them to have a headset (although talking is not required, it can be highly helpful!), and try to engage with the content and questions that they’re struggling with as much as possible, before dropping in.

Get in touch today!

If you want to chat to someone about your maths concerns, attend one of our daily drop-in online interactive sessions hosted by a Maths Mentor like Miah! You don’t need an appointment, just bring your maths questions. You can share your screen, talk or text with the mentor. You can also get in touch via email and access all the useful resources on the Maths Portal.

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