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Got an idea for a startup? Meet with a SPARK Deakin mentor online

April 12, 2020

Cloud Campus

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SPARK Deakin is the University’s startup ecosystem. We’re creating a community of entrepreneurs and innovators from all fields by empowering ambitious people with entrepreneurial skills and giving them the opportunity to build strong networks.

What idea for a startup do you want to explore? What are the next steps to make your idea a reality? The SPARK Deakin mentorship program offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to speak with one of our committed mentors in a one-on-one video chat session.

Our industry-expert mentors are here to help you get clear on your goals and pathway for your future entrepreneurship.

Book a session today.

Join an event

We’re currently running online events to support your projects and startups.

Join our free online workshop Pitching for co-founders and collaborators on Thursday 23 April, from 2 to 4pm, with an online welcome from 15 April. You can learn more about pitching skills, build the confidence to put yourself out there, and find a co-founder or startup project to work on.

Visit the SPARK Deakin events page for a full list of upcoming workshops and sessions you can join from home.

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