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Introducing Deakin Buddies, a new way to meet Cloud Campus students

March 24, 2020

Cloud Campus

Cloud Campus students are supported through our award-winning library services, interactive study methods and student support services.

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Deakin Buddies is here! We know that connecting with other Cloud Campus students can be a challenge, so we created Deakin Buddies – an app designed to connect you with other Deakin students.

Once you register for Deakin Buddies, you can search for other registered Deakin students who study the same units or course as you. You’ll also be able to see how close they are to your local area.  

Connecting with your peers can improve your learning in many ways. Studying with others can keep you motivated and improve your understanding of your studies. It’s also an important part of building a support network.

Join Deakin Buddies today and find other Cloud Campus students to share your online learning experience.

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