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18 March 2020

Are you in control of your sexual health?

Thinking about ‘sexual health’ can be confronting for many people, especially when you consider that contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is a seriously big deal.

But while the physical stuff is a large part of what makes looking after your sexual health so important, it also covers feeling good about who you’re attracted to and the decisions you make about your sexual activity.

Take charge of your sexual health

If you’re uncomfortable discussing your sexual health, don’t worry – you’re not alone! It’s definitely a topic that’s easier to put aside and never really think about. But regardless of gender or sexuality, sexual health is something we all need to factor in to our everyday lives.

Did you know that you can have a free and confidential sexual health check on campus at a Deakin Medical Centre?

You can find out more information about contraception, get screened and treated for an STI, and access pregnancy counselling, support and referrals. You’ll be in a relaxed, judgement-free space where you can ask questions and get the peace of mind and confidence that comes from learning about your body.

Sexual health is just another part of your overall wellbeing, and your doctor or nurse will show sensitivity and understanding throughout the whole process. So go on! Book an appointment online today.

Know the facts

While sex is a very personal experience, there are some facts that everyone should be aware of and understand:

You’re not alone

Help and support is available if you need it, both at Deakin and in the general community:

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