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Enrolment, study and financial support

March 14, 2020

Deakin’s COVID-19 FAQs


Enrolment, study and financial support information – 29 May 2020

Is Deakin returning to on-campus teaching? [updated 1 June]

Due to the ongoing social distancing guidelines, Deakin continues to conduct our current teaching period online. There are some exceptions to for a very small number of courses, that may still need to attend on campus, and these students have been contacted direct. We will continue to adjust our operations as necessary and will communicate regularly with the Deakin community.

Exam replacement tasks 

It is essential all students read Deakin’s Exam Replacement Tasks CloudDeakin FAQs. [updated 29 May]

I had a venue-based exam scheduled in my unit. How will exam replacement tasks be delivered? [updated 5 May]

As stated on the exam information webpage, no exams will be held at Deakin exam venues, or external exam venues, for Trimester 1 2020.

Most exam replacement tasks will be delivered through your CloudDeakin unit site as:

  • a timed, scheduled online quiz (multiple-choice questions or short answer) or
  • an assignment to be submitted through the Assessment folder in unit sites, with task instructions/questions released at a designated time.

Where can I find out what type of exam replacement task I will have for each unit? [updated 5 May]

You will find details about your exam replacement task in your unit site.

How will I know when my exam replacement task is scheduled? [updated 5 May]

Start times for exam replacement tasks are listed in the examination timetable (AEST) released to students on 28 April 2020 and are available in StudentConnect. Details about the time period during which you must complete the exam will be available in your unit sites.

I see that my exam replacement is a time-bound task (e.g. 2 hours). How do I manage this online? [updated 6 May]

You must carefully read the exam replacement instructions located in your unit sites. In many cases, you can choose any time within a specified 24-hour period to complete the task based on AEST. You will then have, for example, 2 hours from the time you access the first question to finish and submit. 

What do I do if I am unavailable for the full period of time during which I can submit my exam replacement task? [updated 5 May]

The exam submission period has been extended to allow you to choose the time you complete the exam within that longer period (such as 24 hours).  You should complete your exam replacement task at a time during this period that is convenient for you.

What do I do if one of my units is not listed in my exam replacement task timetable? [updated 5 May]

Check your unit site for assessment information and contact your unit chair for clarification if you are unable to locate exam replacement information.

I am studying SRT251, or SRM161. I understand these are Supervised Online Exams. Where can I get more information? [updated 5 May]

Check your unit site; detailed information will be provided there.

What happens if I have an exam replacement task clash? [updated 5 May]

Exam replacement tasks have been scheduled to avoid most clashes.  If you do have two exam replacement tasks scheduled within the same 24-hour period, you will likely have flexibility within that period to start the tasks at different times and complete both.

Can I sit my exam replacement tasks on campus? [updated 5 May]

Because of the social distancing restrictions in place in Victoria, a very limited number of spaces (with computer and use of a personal computer) will be available on each campus that comply with all social distancing requirements. During the exam period, space on campus access will be reduced to students who have approved prior bookings.

If you have an Access Plan that requires on-campus support, the DRC team will work with you to facilitate this or to ensure appropriate adjustments are made.

Students will be able to submit a request via a web form to access campus spaces. The spaces will be available in time-restricted blocks to ensure that those who need to access them can access them. The spaces will be available for those experiencing demonstrable extenuating circumstances (personal safety, lack of appropriate technology such as no personal laptop or no access to internet, or other significant issues) that prevent you from completing a task at home.

The web request form will available to students from Monday 18 May on the General Exam Information webpage.

Do I get any additional reading time and other time allowances for uploading and dealing with technical problems? [updated 5 May]

As some students may experience unforeseen interruptions during their exam (such as issues with internet connectivity) there has been additional time provided for exam replacement tasks to accommodate these interruptions.

Can I access external resources (websites, textbooks etc) during exam replacement tasks? [updated 5 May]

Online exam replacement tasks are completed in your own environment and are therefore considered ‘open-book/open-web’ activities.

Specific instructions for exam replacement tasks will be available in your unit site.

It is essential that you prepare for each exam replacement task as you would normally for a final exam; remember, you will have limited time to look up resources during the designated time and you will need to prepare thoroughly beforehand to ensure understanding and recall of information.

Can I contact my Unit Chair during the exam replacement task to ask for help or clarification? [updated 5 May]

No, Unit Chairs will not be available for consultation or communication, by email, on unit site discussion boards, or by other means, during the exam replacement period.

Will I be able to access practice exam replacement tasks? [updated 5 May]

Yes, you will be given opportunities to engage in some practice exam replacement task activities in your unit.

Deakin’s Academic and Peer and Support services will also be running a session 6-7 pm Tuesday 12 May, via Bb Collaborate to support students in preparing for final assessments or online exams.

I have an Access Plan. How will I be given the support I need? [updated 5 May]

Students’ Access Plans are being reviewed by the Disability Resource Centre team to ensure necessary adjustments are made for exam replacement task completion.

You will not receive an updated Access Plan, but you will receive information about your adjustments via your Deakin student email address. If you are concerned about your needs being met please phone 03 9244 6255 or email

Where can I go for help if I have technical issues while completing an exam replacement task? [updated 5 May]

Deakin’s IT Help desk has arranged extra resources/hours to deal with increased requests for technical support during exam period. If you have a technical disruption you should contact the IT Help Desk (not your Unit Chair) in the first instance. 

  • Off-campus: 1800 463 888
  • International: +61 5227 8888

Can students submit exam replacement tasks by email? [updated 5 May]

No, you should submit your exam replacement task via CloudDeakin. If you experience technical issues you may be advised to forward your task to your Unit Chair by email as a back-up, but you should contact the IT Help Desk before doing so.

Do the rules of academic integrity still apply? [updated 5 May]

Yes, breaching academic integrity in your exam replacement tasks, for example by plagiarising, colluding or contract cheating, constitutes extremely serious academic misconduct. There are severe penalties at Deakin for students who breach academic integrity, including cancellation of marks for a specific assignment, for a specific unit or even exclusion from the course.

Do I need to have my student ID card for your replacement assessment exam? [updated 5 May]

No, you do not require your student ID card for exam replacement tasks.

Is special consideration available if unable to complete the exam replacement task as scheduled? [updated 5 May]

The process of applying for special consideration has been amended for students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These changes apply to exam replacement tasks. Visit the special consideration webpage for more information.

T1/S1 2020 Grading Schema 

Why has Deakin revised the special T1/S1, 2020 grading schema? [updated 8 May]

To ensure that you are not disadvantaged in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has made temporary changes to its grading schema.

Investigation of the effects of the previous revised scheme revealed significant obstacles for students applying for course selection or transfer to external institutions which require numerical results and for special schemes such as Deakin Accelerate which provides study options at Deakin for Victorian Certificate of Education students. See the full schema here.

What’s changed? [updated 8 May]

  • Students will receive a grade and a numerical mark for all passing grades (any result from 50/100).
  • Marks will contribute to internal Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculations.

What hasn’t changed? [updated 8 May]

  • Grade-only results will be given for failing grades to exclude these from internal WAM calculations. A three-point fail grade set allows for progress determinations such as conceded pass and last unit to complete.
  • WN and XN grades will be excluded from WAM.
  • Incomplete result (RIC) allows resolution of marks for units with learning activities delayed to a subsequent trimester by COVID-19 response requirements.

Is this a pass/fail schema? [updated 8 May]

No, the schema still represents the full range of grades and marks. A small number of units may issue an ungraded pass/fail result where this is appropriate to the learning outcomes.

Can I still fail a unit? [updated 8 May]

Yes, required learning outcomes for courses or programs are not affected. Students must still achieve their approved learning outcomes to complete a unit and a course successfully.

Can I opt-out of the grades-only schema? [updated 8 May]

No, the University’s Academic Board has determined that the new schema will be used across all Trimester 1/Semester 1, 2020, coursework units. Further use of the schema will be assessed later in the year.

Will it be clear on my transcript which units I studied in T1/S1, 2020? [updated 8 May]

Yes, all units studied will be noted on your transcript and your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). The University will also note the disruption to study in 2020 on the AHEGS.

What is a WAM? [updated 8 May]

While some institutions use a Grade Point Average (GPA) Deakin uses a Weighted Average Mark (WAM). The WAM is weighted by taking into consideration the credit points of a unit and the result. Not all grades are used in the calculation of the WAM. The WAM is an internal (Deakin-only) calculation used to ensure that a student remains in good academic standing while they are studying; it may also be used for other purposes such as the awarding of University Awards and Prizes or identification of Distinction or Honours achievement levels in some courses.

Will my WAM appear on my transcript and/or AHEGS? [updated 8 May]

No, Deakin does not publish WAMs on transcripts or AHEGS so this Trimester/Semester will be no different, WAMs will not form part of academic transcripts nor AHEGS. The WAM is an internal (Deakin-only) calculation.

Will employers expect to see my WAM?

Contemporary employers, even large corporations, do not routinely ask for your marks. They do ask for evidence that you completed your degree and passed your units: this is included on your transcript and AHEGS. For the best advice about presenting yourself to prospective employers, please contact DeakinTALENT.

I’ve heard other universities have made changes to their grading schema that are more favourable to students than Deakin’s.

Six out of seven Victorian universities have taken the same approach to pass and higher grades as Deakin. From published material (as at 29 April), one university, while not adjusting marks and grades, offers the option to re-calculate weighted average mark, though with some conditions: it does not apply to first-year students, and students cannot access this option until completion of their degree.

It is not possible for Deakin to exclude T1/S1 results from WAM calculations within our student management system in the time available. Changes to these systems of record cannot be undertaken quickly which ensures the security of your results.

Finance and other administration

I have on-campus pracs and labs that are a compulsory part of my course, what do I do?

Students whose studies include on-campus activities that are difficult to deliver online, such as pracs and labs, will receive altered timetables. Some students may need to continue their classes on campus, and we will communicate directly with anybody in this situation.

Will there be an adjustment to special consideration requirements? [updated 3 April]

Yes. The extension period for assignment due dates has been lengthened to up to three weeks, and a medical certificate is no longer required. We have also simplified applications for special consideration if you need assistance please ensure you read the updated information.

I have unique or special circumstances, who should I contact for advice? [updated 3 April]

If you have unique or special circumstances, such as a health condition or disability that warrants adjustments to your study arrangements please contact Student Central.

Will I still pay the on-campus SSAF now that I’m studying online? [updated 3 April]

Deakin is committed to supporting our students during these difficult times. As part of our ongoing support, the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) for Trimester/Semester 1 2020 will be charged at the Cloud Campus rate of $60.

Your student record has been updated to reflect this change. If you have paid your SSAF at the higher rate, you can apply for a refund or leave the monies in credit for Trimester/Semester 2 2020. If you are eligible and want to defer your SSAF you can apply for SA-HELP in StudentConnect. You need to apply before 15 April 2020 to have it applied to Trimester/Semester 1 2020. If you apply for SA-HELP by this date, please let us know by return email so we can update your record.

Will Deakin be discounting fees for domestic or international students now studying online? [updated 3 April]

Deakin is a leader in online education delivery and has worked hard for many years in this space. Our online teaching delivery is equal to our on-campus model. Our tuition fees and student contributions are the same regardless of delivery and, we will not be offering discounted fees for courses and units now taught online. Our recently modified teaching model provides a comprehensive and innovative support network for our students.

Is financial assistance available? [updated 23 April]

We know finances will be of great concern to many students. We encourage students to visit the MoneySmart website, where you will find tips and information for assistance through periods of financial difficulty and hardship including information on the government support if you are impacted by COVID-19.

Deakin offers a range of services, including interest-free loans for study-related expenses, financial counselling, and emergency cards for food and transport costs.

In response to the changing environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic Deakin has developed a support scheme for students in need.
Support options range from monetary amounts to other relevant support mechanisms, such as fee extensions. To find out more about the support scheme, eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the appropriate link below.

Visit the Financial Assistance COVID-19 website for more information. 

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