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12 March 2020

Hetvi explains how she received help with her studies

International student Hetvi Atul Shah tells us her story to encourage you to reach out for help when you’re in need of some extra support with your studies. 

Hetvi at Burwood Campus.

Hi, I’m Hetvi!

I study at Burwood Campus and I’m enrolled in a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science/Bachelor of Business (Sports Management). I first became aware of Deakin’s mentor program during my initial orientation sessions.

For an international student, university can be overwhelming and it might not be too far in before you realise that you may need someone to guide you through it – someone who has faced similar problems or is empathetic to your situation. Recognising that I would probably benefit from seeing a mentor, I decided to reach out to this service and was allocated a peer mentor in the Faculty of Health.

Whenever I contacted my mentor I received the help I needed. As my mentor was also Indian, this helped me both academically and emotionally. 

Today, as a strong believer in this service, I too have decided to become a mentor in my faculty to help other students just like me.

Hetvi talking with her mentor.

Hetvi, now a peer mentor, meets with a student seeking help.

Hetvi hanging out on campus.

Deakin provides a range of services to help you succeed in your studies. Connect with a peer mentor or receive extra study support according to your needs. With a firm value for ensuring students are cared for holistically, Deakin also offer international students a free health check at the on-campus medical centres

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