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Jacinda Dixon-Rielly

29 February 2020

What’s the first week at Deakin really like? Meet Jacinda as she moves onto campus and discovers how uni life works!

Starting at university is a big step for anyone and it’s normal to feel nervous and uncertain. There’s so many new things to learn, and that’s before you even step foot in a lecture theatre! From making new friends and finding your way around campus to figuring out the library and discovering what services and facilities are available, it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

Jacinda on day one at Deakin!

First-year student Jacinda Dixon-Rielly, who’s just moved into residential accommodation at our Burwood Campus, is facing all the same highs and lows as any new student. But she’s being brave enough to share her journey with us as she untangles the mysteries of life at Deakin!

As she arrived on campus to see her new digs and unpack, we chatted to Jacinda about why she’s chosen Deakin and what she’s expecting now that she’s here.

Where are you from and what course are you studying?
I’m from Mansfield, Victoria, near Mount Buller. I’m studying Environmental Science (Sustainability and Management) but I’m also a part of the Global Technology and Science Program.

How are you feeling about starting uni?
I’m really excited and a little bit nervous, but I’m coming with my friend so I’m pretty keen.

Why were you drawn to studying at Deakin?
Student satisfaction and the campus were very important to me. Deakin’s campus is what convinced me to apply, as the feel was so inviting and open. Deakin’s Environmental Science programs are really great and I also had a recommendation from Rob Faggien, a professor here.

Why did you choose to live on Res?
I decided to live on Res after Open Day. I really loved the campus and it solidified my decision to make Deakin my first preference.

I loved the fact that I could walk to all of my classes. And being from a rural town in Victoria, I thought living on Res would be a great opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships. Res definitely seemed like the easiest option for housing for me, as I know that it’s close and safe, and as it’s my first time moving away I didn’t have to worry about applying for houses or finding people to move in with. My sister Amy lived on Res for two years and loved her time, and now has a really close friendship group of people she met there.

What are you most looking forward to about your Res experience?
I’m most looking forward to meeting new people and making connections. Coming from a small town, I don’t really know anyone in Melbourne. Living with others and having events to attend will really broaden my social circle.

How do you think living on Res will benefit you as you also study at Deakin?
Being able to walk to classes, have access to the study areas and library nearly 24/7 will be invaluable in helping me study. I don’t like studying in my room so having areas dedicated to study will help motivate me.

What are you most worried about?
I’m most worried about driving in the city, because I have a manual car and don’t have much experience in the city. I also hope that I get along with all nine of my roommates.

What are you bringing on Res to make it feel like home?
I have a little seed pod diffuser that I’m bringing so hopefully my room will smell like home.

What sorts of things are you most looking forward to doing in your spare time now that you will be based in Melbourne?
My friend is also moving to Deakin Res and we’re really excited to join a social netball team. I’m also excited to cook for myself (which will probably get old quickly) and just meet other people!

When you come up against a challenge in life, how do you usually cope?
I think that I usually cope pretty well, especially with a good group of people around me, which I’m hoping to find at Deakin.

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Learn more about adjusting to uni life

Our Get Started site has tons of resources and advice about surviving your first trimester. It’s divided into six phases, so you can navigate to where you are in the trimester, look ahead to see what’s coming or check back to make sure you are on track.

As one of your first steps, make sure you check your orientation itinerary, a personalised timetable that shows you all of your orientation activities in one place. Remember to join a campus tour, attend an information session on your course and go to a study skills workshop so you’re prepared for classes.

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