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17 February 2020

Our spirituality programs can help you succeed at uni

Studying at university is an amazing opportunity and a unique time in your life. There’s lots to enjoy and experience. But it’s also full of pressures and new responsibilities – and sometimes you may feel a bit daunted or overwhelmed.

Luckily, here at Deakin there’s a whole range of ways to develop resilience and learn more about what makes you tick. From talking to a friendly face to exploring your inner life, discover the tools to face challenges head-on and find your best self! All these services are free and all are welcome!

Discover what’s on at Geelong in T1

For more information, email Multifaith Chaplain Len Monk on [email protected] or call 0402 082 937.

Discover what’s on at Burwood in T1

All these sessions will be held in Building HE, Room H2.018. 

For more information, email Multifaith Chaplain Carlo David on [email protected] or call 0451 507 832. Register your interest by completing the below form.

Talk to a multifaith chaplain or visit a spiritual centre

Deakin’s multifaith chaplaincy service offers compassionate support to everyone, whether religious or not. We’re here for anyone who needs support, reflection and peace. Our chaplains can help you in times of grief or loss, if you’re having a personal problem or if you’re looking for a specific service at Deakin but you’re not sure where to start.

So if you’d like to chat to someone who’s sympathetic and non-judgemental, contact a chaplain by phone or email today. We’re flexible and can fit in around your timetable, and everything that’s discussed is totally confidential.

All our campuses also have spiritual centres with extended opening hours. They include general multifaith rooms where you can worship, retreat or just spend time alone for personal reflection. 

Find help or support

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