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15 January 2020

How to stay motivated and on track while studying online

Everyone can benefit from taking a few moments to reflect on their learning experience, and the start of the year is a great time to review how your studies are progressing. For Cloud Campus students, who often work full time while dealing with other life commitments, it’s even more important to examine your study habits, potential obstacles, and general health and wellbeing.

We’ve put together a few ideas for how you can explore your study progression and continue challenging yourself as a Cloud Campus student.

1.      Check in on your goals

How have your goals been progressing? It’s important to list your short- and long-term goals, and then check in on them regularly to see whether you’re reaching your milestones. If you’re not where you hoped you would be, it might be time to reassess your plan. If you’ve achieved all your goals, it’s time to come up with some new ones.

Try writing your goals on a piece of paper and hanging them above your workspace. Visualising your goals can be a great source of motivation.

2.      Learn from any obstacles

What can you learn from any obstacles you’ve faced so far? How did you deal with them? Taking the time to reflect on anything that has tripped you up this trimester is a great way to plan for future obstacles. Write down anything that has blocked your progress this trimester and then write down how you managed to solve the challenge. Think about what you might be able to do differently next time. Try to build these solutions into any future plans.

3.      Track your work

Tracking your work is a great way to understand how much time you’ll need to complete different tasks. Try using a system like the Pomodoro technique to record how much you’re usually able to write, read and research within a specific amount of time.

After you’ve tracked the progress of a few assessments, you’ll get an idea of how long it will take you to complete different aspects of your studies and make it easier to manage your time.

4.      Make time for your health

Have you been putting aside time to focus on your health? One of the biggest challenges while studying is to find time to work on your own health and wellbeing. With so many competing responsibilities, it can be tempting to put every spare second into your studies to make sure you stay on track.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and exercise, and you’re eating well. Try out some five-minute self-care techniques, and do some meditation and desk stretches during your study breaks. Take a look at the fast, healthy recipes inspired by university student meals in our guide to eating healthy in the Cloud Campus. Explore some of the different resources available through our Health and Wellbeing Centres.

5.      Reach out online

How have you connected with other Cloud Campus students? Try being proactive about reaching out to your peers. Make a post in your discussion forum detailing an opinion you have about the subject. Join the Cloud Campus Facebook group to post about what you’re studying and one aspect of your studies you’d like advice about.

Then find a few posts by other students and post a reply. If you’re looking to connect with others, make the first step.

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