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10 January 2020

Top tips for establishing a strong support network

Having a support network that you can fall back on during times of stress is an important part of succeeding at your online studies. You may be highly motivated and a fantastic independent learner, but there will still probably be times when you need to talk to someone for guidance and understanding. Take some time and explore our top tips for building a strong support network and see what resonates with you.

Look around you

Who in your life is already offering you support? There’s a good chance that you already have people that are there for you, ready to listen and lend a hand. They might be members of your family, colleagues at work or close friends.

What have you told them about your learning goals? One of the best ways to strengthen the support network you already have is to make sure you’ve clearly communicated why you’re studying and what you hope to achieve. Make sure you sit down with the people in your life and let them know how important your studies are to you. Make sure you try and let them know when you’re feeling stressed.

And don’t forget to do the same thing for them! Support goes both ways, so remember to ask the people in your support network how they’re feeling about what’s going on in their lives.

Reach out to your peers

Connecting with other Cloud Campus students is a great way to find people who understand the challenges of your study experience. There are a number of ways you can reach out to your peers. You can post in your discussion forums, search for Facebook groups created for your unit, or join Deakin’s Cloud Campus Facebook group. Make sure you post and let people know what you’re going through. The best way to get support is to ask for it!

You also need to be proactive if you’re looking to make connections with your peers. Read through the other posts by Cloud Campus students and reply to the comments, join the conversation.

Explore Deakin

You can also access a range of support provided by Deakin. Counselling services are free to all Deakin students. All of our counsellors are highly skilled psychologists and social workers who will listen to your concerns and discuss the best way for you to handle your situation. You don’t have to access counselling support in person – phone appointments are also available.

If you are a student with a temporary or permanent disability, health or mental health condition, or a carer responsibility, Deakin’s Disability Resource Centre staff are available to meet with you to discuss the support you may need for your studies.

The DUSA Student Advocacy & Support Service (SASS) is for any student whether they’re a member of DUSA or not. Advocates can offer you confidential advice and support on a wide range of issues, from academic integrity to the student complaints process.

To schedule an appointment, contact the Student Advocacy & Support Service team on +61 3 9246 8615 or by completing the Advocacy appointment booking form.

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