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Every little step counts with DeakinMOVES

November 11, 2019


DeakinACTIVE is the home of sport, health and wellbeing at Deakin.

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We all know we need to move more to achieve better health, but it can sometimes be hard fitting in exercise between all our other commitments.

That is why we’re calling on you to join the DeakinMOVES revolution!

What is DeakinMOVES?DeakinMOVES app icon

DeakinMOVES is an app that helps you track your daily movement by bringing all your other health apps activity into the one place. The app lets you set goals, commit to challenges and watch how everyone else in the DeakinMOVES community is progressing.

How did DeakinMOVES come about?

Deakin University is currently participating as one of 11 pilot universities in UniSport and Sport Australia’s joint initiative UniMoves, a program to get university staff and students moving for at least 30 minutes every day.

Each university in the program has their own tailored app for download on the App Store and Google Play. DeakinMOVES is our unique app, customised to allow all University staff and students to track their activity and join events. And, best of all, the DeakinMOVES app is free!

Why should I use DeakinMOVES?

One of the key objectives of the wider UniMoves project is to improve the health of university staff and students by encouraging more physical activity. The DeakinMOVES app will help you to do just that, by encouraging you to move more, track your progress, and join University events and activities. You can even get involved in challenges created exclusively for Deakin students.

Walk, jog, skateboard, ride or just take the stairs – it all counts towards your 30 minutes of MOVE time.

Find a fun way to move and ask your friends to join you. You can have some real fun by making a competition out of who can move the most!

Go to DeakinACTIVE’s webpage to download the DeakinMOVES app and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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