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Five essential sessions to help your startup thrive

October 22, 2019

SPARK Deakin

We support startups founded by Deakin University students, staff, and alumni at all stages of the journey to create a thriving society built by entrepreneurs and innovators.

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You may have seen our story on upcoming SPARK Deakin sessions during Global Entrepreneurship Week, from 18–24 November.

We understand as a fledgling entrepreneur, it can be daunting. We want to help, so we’ve broken down common questions and hurdles faced by founders when creating and scaling a business, to show you which sessions will benefit you most.

Join us for a session or two to boost your knowledge and troubleshoot your most pressing business concerns, or come along to gain comprehensive experience and mastery across a range of entrepreneurial skills!

Consider yourself an entrepreneur?

We all love a startup success story in the media, but the reality of life as an entrepreneur is not about overnight fame and fortune. There’s a lot of time and toil behind a strong startup, and across the stages of launching a business, entrepreneurs can find themselves plagued by doubts, indecision and unexpected problems. 

We understand, which is why we’re enlisting the wisdom of Melbourne’s best and brightest startup founders to offer you free mentoring sessions.

If you are at a crossroads with your startup, or perhaps you’re simply keen to run your idea by an expert, book in a session with a SPARK Deakin mentor to help you on your way. We’re running online consultations throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week. Book now as our mentors are in high demand!

So, you’ve got a good idea but now what?

Leading founders may receive their fair share of the limelight, but they didn’t get to the top on their own. You’re going to need practical help and support on your startup journey, and SPARK Deakin’s accelerator program can get you there. An accelerator program can support you with funding, expert advice, a network of fellow entrepreneurs, and training and experience to help you fulfill your startup goals.

Interested to know more? Join us for our Fireside Chat where all your questions will be answered by successful founders who’ve been there and done that!

Fireside Chat: Ask a founder anything
Thursday 21 November 2019
Deakin Downtown, Melbourne

Learn how to pitch like a pro 

Need help communicating your vision? We’ll show you how to perfect your pitch! 

A sobering thought: your innovative business ideas are only as good as your ability to convince others to engage with your startup.

Pitch Fest is your opportunity to work on your presentation, so you can ace your next elevator or formal pitch, interview, presentation, or any situation where you’re called on to speak to a group. And if you’re feeling brave, you can present your pitch to our audience!

Pitch Fest
Wednesday 20 November
Burwood Campus
APPLY NOW – applications close at 5pm on 7 November 

How to prepare and pitch to investors

The startup world is full of buzzwords about venture capital, seed-funding, angel investment, and impact investment. What does it all mean, and how do you know what investment options are appropriate or beneficial when it comes to your startup goals and trajectory?

Join our online session hosted by SPARK Deakin’s Daizy Maan, who co-founded her first startup at 21 and now supports hundreds of entrepreneurs in her current business. With Daizy’s expert advice, you’ll come away with an understanding of why (and perhaps most importantly, when) you may be ready to consider investment in your startup, and how you can prepare and pitch to succeed in this arena. 

Webinar: Startup investment 101
Tuesday 19 November 2019

OK, let’s do this!

Entrepreneurs are a can-do bunch, and some of us learn best in an intensive, hands-on learning environment.

If this sounds like you, join us for a weekend of collaboration with like-minded innovators at our Startup Hackathon!

You’ll come away with an enhanced understanding of startup methodology and design-thinking, a new network of entrepreneurial peers and confidence-boosting experience in pitching your startup vision.

Friday 22–Sunday 24 November
Startup Hackathon

Burwood Campus
APPLY NOW – applications close at 5pm on 8 November

For more information about all events, and to stay up to date about Global Entrepreneurship Week, visit the SPARK Deakin website.

Image: LaunchVic/Photographer Tim Carrafa.

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