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Who Designed Deakin in 2019?

October 18, 2019

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The votes have been counted and we have crowned the winner of the 2019 You Design Deakin competition!

Congratulations to Jessica Manolitsas, a Health and Physical Education student from Burwood, who received 37% of the votes. As well as the $2000 prize, Jessica will see her design around campus on a range of merchandise next year!

Inspired by the ‘Shape it up’ theme, Jessica deconstructed the Deakin logo into individual images, which she says represents the diverse talent and potential of all individual Deakin students.

This modern design is very versatile and will inspire a range of merchandise, which we are currently designing. Stay tuned to see those merch items come to life next year and check out some mock-ups below:

You Design Deakin merchandise mock-ups

Congratulations to all this year’s entrants and thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite design!


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