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Impress employers with a Deakin Hallmark

October 16, 2019

Deakin Hallmarks

Deakin Hallmarks are prestigious University awards that recognise students’ outstanding achievement of capabilities that are key to employment success.

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When it comes to applying for jobs, internships, scholarships or awards, providing evidence of your skills in regards to selection criteria is essential to your success. That said, sometimes it can be tough to illustrate these skills when you are still studying and looking to gain experience.

So how can you demonstrate your professional competency to employers while you are still undertaking your course?

We can help! 

Thankfully, there are lots of opportunities to leverage your experiences and show employers what is unique about you by applying for a Deakin Hallmark.

What is a Deakin Hallmark and why should I apply?

Deakin Hallmarks are designed to recognise your demonstrated skills and give you an edge in the employment market. They are co-developed with industry and professional bodies to ensure that they reward capabilities that are highly sought in the workplace.

Any Deakin student can apply for the four University-wide Hallmarks for Leadership, Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Creativity. 

  • Leadership recognises Deakin students who have contributed to communities through sustained and effective leadership. 
  • Digital Innovation recognises students who have positively influenced others through their application of digital technologies.
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking recognises students who have demonstrated the capacity to create value for themselves and others through the commercialisation of an idea.
  • Creativity recognises students who have positively influenced others through their creative output.

Read more about University-wide Hallmarks.

Students in some courses can also apply for Discipline-specific Hallmarks in their field.

  • Environmental Science – for outstanding teamwork skills, which have led to a substantial contribution to the field of Environmental Science.
  • Educational Impact – for outstanding teamwork skills to effect positive educational impact.
  • Science Communication – for excellent communication skills to champion the role of science as a means of community development.
  • Communication Excellence in Biomedical Science – for excellent communication skills and influenced others through their communication of health or science knowledge.

Recipients receive a digital credential that can be shared through social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn.
Read more about discipline-specific Hallmarks.

How do I apply for Deakin Hallmarks?

For more information on how to apply and deadlines for applications, please visit our website

What should my application include? A Hallmark recipient’s example

Elizabeth Tintaru Deakin Hallmarks recipientYour application is an opportunity to reflect on the experiences you’ve had with leading initiatives that have impacted yourself and others.

Elizabeth Tintaru (pictured), who is studying a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce at the Burwood Campus, was recently awarded a Deakin Hallmark for Leadership.

In her portfolio, Elizabeth wrote about how taking on certain responsibilities at Deakin gifted her with insights into leading others. Simply by demonstrating open-mindedness and fostering a sense of shared vulnerability with other students, Elizabeth was able to build trusted relationships in her extracurricular role as a success coach  where she inspired Cloud Campus students to persevere in their studies.

Elizabeth also demonstrated her empathetic approach by advocating for others during an internship in a law clinic, and received valuable exposure to servant leadership concepts while representing Deakin at a National Student Leadership Forum.

These experiences gave Elizabeth examples to write about in her Hallmarks application, and her reflections were supported by testimonies from mentees and colleagues who witnessed her influential leadership.

For more information and to apply, visit the Deakin Hallmarks site.

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