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3 September 2019

Connect with DUSA Clubs while studying via the Cloud Campus

While studying via the Cloud Campus is a convenient option for many Deakin students, online study can feel isolating sometimes.

Although you can engage with study support or join the Cloud Campus Facebook Group to build connections, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the social side of university life, an important element of enhancing your studies, improving your wellbeing and even developing yourself professionally. 

We hear you, which is why Deakin’s Student Association (DUSA) is developing inventive ways to bring the University’s many social clubs to your door. 

We had a chat with representatives from four clubs who are exploring ways to connect with Deakin’s diverse group of Cloud Campus students – take a look!

Deakin Information Security Club

Club President Daniel Deliva tells us what the Deakin Information Security Club (DISC) is all about, and why online students should consider joining.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ DISC started six years ago now. We exist to support and supplement the coursework provided by the Uni. Often students feel that coursework could have gone deeper or perhaps they are interested in something that the units don’t offer. This is exactly what we do.

We expose our members to much of the Information Security spectrum. This is so they are able to gain more awareness of the industry and better career choices as they shape their perception during their time at Deakin. What better way to do this, than with a group of like-minded individuals.

Cloud Campus students are often isolated, away from the university with minimal or no communication with people in the units. We believe that we bridge that a little bit for the students. Some of our Cloud Campus members have been part of our competition teams that travel interstate, and some have found group members for units which resulted in better grades. 

Personally, I found a friend in our group who shared the same niche career pathway I’m after, and this person was a online student. After meeting on Slack we were able to share ideas about research and often exchange knowledge on topics – something you might normally experience from meeting a person when attending class, but not as an online student.

Something we are trialling right now is a streaming platform for Cloud Campus students to allow them to attend a session in real-time. This is a tricky initiative as any IT solution would require the IT Solutions team to allow access, which is what we found during initial testing. However, the club will be testing Skype call meetings where we can have Cloud Campus members drop into the call to participate in an event.

Online activities available to all DISC members include:

To find out more information, visit the DISC website or DISC’s DUSA webpage.


Deakin Health Promotion Society

President Vivienne Liu talks about what Deakin Health Promotion Society (DHPS) can offer online students.

Deakin Health Promotion Society is about providing members with a network of support around careers in health. We aim to connect like-minded students together to learn and gain a better understanding of health promotion.

DHPS offer a range of networking nights as well as health promotion events to students, and we are in the process of expanding to cater for Cloud Campus students right now. Our upcoming events, include ‘R U OK Day’. We plan to not only run an on-campus fundraiser for R U OK Day but also invite Cloud Campus students to participate in our online art/photography competition where they are able to share ‘What do you do when you don’t feel OK?’ We will also post regular questions on the DHPS Facebook page, asking online students, and on-campus students alike, to comment on different aspects of health promotion.

We understand that it is often difficult for Cloud Campus students to come down to campus. By being active online, such as participating on DHPS Facebook page, we want online students to feel like they are a part of Deakin University and that they belong here.

It would be awesome to have more online students participating and actively engaging with DHPS! The membership for Cloud Campus students is the same as on-campus students, DUSA’s DHPS webpage has more details. However, anyone can like our Facebook page.

Find out more on the DHPS Facebook page and the DUSA DHPS webpage


Deakin Teaching and Education Society Burwood

Events Coordinator Katie Stansfield tells us how Deakin Teaching and Education Society Burwood (DETSB) is catering to Cloud Campus students.

The Deakin Education and Teaching Society Burwood is affiliated with Deakin Uni Student Association and started in 2019. The aim of the club is to provide a support network for students (both on and off campus) and to provide opportunities for social interaction through heavily discounted social events and professional development workshops. 

We’ve had Cloud Campus students in attendance at nearly all events this year. Many commented that it was nice being able to meet other students face to face. 

This year we have hosted several informal social events and professional development workshops, the majority of which have catered for online students. We ran a ‘Teaching for Diversity Workshop’ in July that was filmed and edited by members of the Deakin TV Society, which meant we were able to produce a ‘highlights reel’ of the workshop for Cloud Campus students and those unable to attend on the day. We also hosted a ‘Career Ready Workshop’, that was held on campus and video-recorded so online students could log in and watch the lecture in their own time. We have also discussed the possibility of setting up a VMP for future events, however, this will be a matter for our new 2020 committee to discuss further. 

We’ve made a conscious effort to include Cloud Campus students in all of our planning this year and actively seek feedback from our members. This is to ensure the events we run are enjoyable and relevant.

We not only aim to support and include online students, but also those from other campuses. While the majority of our events are run on campus, as this seems to be a central meeting point for most students, we’ve also held events in other parts of the city (e.g. Hawthorn), as we understand that not all students live in the south-eastern suburbs. We are also currently in the process of arranging a minibus to transport students from Geelong to Melbourne in order to attend the DETSB Education Ball in October.

Most of our communication with members is via our Facebook page or email. This means our Cloud Campus students can like our Facebook page to stay in the loop with upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other interesting articles we find and share. 

Check out the DETSB Facebook page and DETSB webpage to join


Deakin University Psychology Society Burwood

President Thanukshi Mahapatuna tells us how Deakin University Psychology Society (DUPS) aims to involve interested Cloud Campus students.

Deakin University Psychology Society (DUPS) is a club that is run by psychology students, for Burwood Campus students. Members can either be studying psychology or interested in psychology.

We are planning to host a ‘Careers Night’ for students and members, that will be live-streamed and recorded to involve Cloud Campus students. This event is ideal for students who are interested in learning about the different pathways that are available after completing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. 

While a lot of our events cater to on-campus students, we always encourage our online students to come down and experience our events if they can. Our weekly ‘Coffee Afternoon’ is the most popular event as we provide free coffee/tea and snacks for all our members, so they can come along and chat with fellow psychology students about anything related to psychology or otherwise. Another popular event was our ‘Bounce!’ evening we hosted a few weeks back in Glen Iris, where members had an engaging, fun catch-up.

For more information, see the DUSA DUPS webpage

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