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Find a study buddy in our Bb Collaborate session

July 11, 2019

By Cloud Campus

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A great way to enhance your learning experience is by working with a group of one or more study buddies. Finding the right study buddy can sometimes be tricky, so we’re running a Bb Collaborate session where you can connect with your peers and find study buddies that study the same units as you, or maybe even live in the same local area.

The session will include a number of engaging online activities that will provide opportunities to connect with other Cloud Campus students and find a study buddy. You’ll also discuss and share ideas about how to establish and maintain a study buddy relationship and the different ways in which you can connect with each other.

Study buddies are great motivators. By solving problems together, explaining solutions, sharing resources and testing each other, you’ll end up with a greater understanding of your studies.

Many Cloud Campus students who study regularly with a dedicated group of their peers are more successful at their studies. Having a study buddy can also make you feel more connected. If you’re interested in studying the same subject matter, there’s a good chance you share other interests as well.

Find a Study Buddy on Bb Collaborate
16 July 2019, 7.30–8.30pm AEST

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