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Creating webcam videos just got easier

July 10, 2019

By Deakin Learning Futures

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Personal Capture is Kaltura’s new recording tool that has replaced the existing CaptureSpace during June 2019.

Kaltura Capture is simple to use, with an updated look and feel, that allows you to create and upload recordings in DeakinAir.

Please note CaptureSpace will no longer allow you to upload to DeakinAir so please install and begin using the new software straight away. Any previous recordings made in CaptureSpace can be accessed on your machine and uploaded into DeakinAir.

What can Kaltura Capture do?

Your unit chair might ask you to create a video as part of an assignment. Using Kaltura Capture, you can create engaging webcam recordings to contribute your own content to DeakinAir and teaching sites or share with your tutor or lecturer.
Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface as shown below, requiring only one click to record, and without a complex setup. Kaltura Capture is supported both on Windows and Mac.

kaltura screen capture interface

After you have completed your recording and selected ‘Save and Upload’, Kaltura Capture automatically uploads into DeakinAir, allowing you to share your own content easily.

Kaltura Capture features include:

  • Screen and webcam capture in one click
  • Automatic slide detection
  • Seamless uploading to DeakinAir
  • Intuitive user interface with a variety of recording options available.

Some changes to note:

  • The camera will no longer show a preview while you are recording
  • The recording interface will remain on the screen while you are recording
  • You now edit your presentation within DeakinAir from your My Media page.

How do I install Kaltura Capture?

You can install Kaltura Capture via DeakinAir, see the CloudDeakin Guide for more detail.

First time users will be prompted to launch Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu on your website. The website is referring to DeakinAir. Within DeakinAir, go to Add New > Kaltura Capture.


kaltura capture 2

Where can I learn more?

You can view the Kaltura Personal Capture Getting Started guide

For more assistance please drop in to the IT Service Desk in the library or call 1800 463 888.

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