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Set yourself up for study success in T2

June 12, 2019

By Study Support

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Congratulations on getting through your final exams and assessments for Trimester 1! Now you have a chance to take a break, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your performance and set new goals in preparation for the trimester ahead. 

Here’s our top tips to help you excel in T2.

Take a proper break

First things first: make sure you build some downtime into your trimester break! It’s important you spend some time recharging so you’re feeling rested and ready to hit the ground running once T2 begins.

Plan your trimester before you begin

Organise yourself before recommencing for T2 to start off strong.

  • Establishing positive study habits means setting up your work area, notes, files and time management tools in a way that’s personalised and intuitive for you. 
  • Create yourself a realistic study plan. If you articulate your overarching study goals and break them down into manageable daily and weekly tasks, you are much more likely to succeed. 
  • Deakin has a whole suite of resources to help you: have a look at these handy hints for organising your study.

Create a happy study space

It’s hard to concentrate on your study if you’re surrounded by chaotic mess or in a workspace that doesn’t have everything you need. A dedicated and comfortable study space can also play a big role in your motivation to study. 

  • Setting up an ergonomically sound desk and chair (and watching your posture!) in a quiet space is a crucial starting point for maintaining focus and good health while you work.
  • A study spot with natural light is a bonus when it comes to keeping you mentally alert and inspired to study. If you are hitting the books in the evening, make sure you have adequate lighting on your desk to protect yourself from eye strain. 

Stay connected 

Spending hours poring over textbooks in isolation can undoubtedly take its toll on your sanity.

  • Have you thought about forming a study group? Collaborating with your classmates can make study more fun and may even give you a fresh perspective on tricky concepts you’re struggling to understand.
  • Online students may be particularly prone to feeling a little lonely sometimes: have a look at these 10 tips from Cloud Campus students about finding yourself a study buddy

Acknowledge quirks you could improve 

We all have our weak spots! Devise a strategy to minimise the impact of your bad habits.

  • Are you a pro at putting things off until the last minute? Try our tips on how to manage procrastination and focus on your immediate priorities.
  • Maybe you find it difficult to meet deadlines? Test our time management advice.
  • Do you waste time trying to decipher your frenzied, incomplete notes? Our note-taking tips will sort you out.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Deakin has so many resources to help you succeed in your studies, including the round-the-clock Smarthinking service that will speedily put you in touch with tutors for real-time assistance.

For more study tips and advice, head to Deakin Life’s Study Corner. See you in T2!

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