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6 March 2019

Are you blind or vision-impaired? We’re introducing visual assistance service Aira

Do you or does someone you know have a vision impairment?

Aira is an external service that connects people who are blind or vision-impaired to a trained professional agent, who delivers visual assistance anywhere at any time.

Deakin is the first Australian university to pilot the Aira service to staff, students and visitors, offering free access locations on all four campuses.

These are just some of the tasks that Aira can do:

Find out more about how Aira works here. The video describes the experience of an agent and a user, and how simple it is to use. Please note that although the video depicts the user wearing video-equipped smart glasses, a phone camera can be used instead to provide visual information to the agent.

For students and staff who require the service, personal plans will be developed through Deakin’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC). Please get in touch with the DRC now to express your interest.

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