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Study Buddies

5 November 2018

Find your Study Buddies

Are you looking to connect with other Cloud Campus students? The Deakin Study Buddies program is now open for Trimester 3.

Connecting with other Cloud Campus students who are studying the same units as you can improve your learning in many ways. To make it easier for you to reach out to your fellow Cloud Campus students we’ve set up a simple online Study Buddies registration page.

Fill in your details and we’ll match you with one or more Study Buddies, based on your units and study preferences. This trimester we’re also offering you the choice of connecting with Cloud Campus students who live in your local area who might not necessarily be studying the same unit or course. This is a great chance to find people who are sharing your experience of studying online.

Connecting with your Study Buddies is an important part of creating a support network. Having a Study Buddies group can keep you motivated and improve your understanding of your studies.

The registration form will be open until Week 4 of trimester, so register now. The sooner you can find a study buddy, the better.

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