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11 September 2018

The skills you need to improve your assignments

To improve your assignments, it’s important to work on your academic skills. 

Academic skills are skills that you will develop over the course of your studies and they’ll allow you to achieve the requirements of your assessments. You’ll produce high-quality assignments and avoid plagiarism and collusion if you build strong academic skills.

Here are some strategies you can use to improve them.

Get off to the right start


Drafting, editing and proofreading



For more help with developing your academic skills, bookmark the following pages.

And for assistance with writing, editing or referencing, get in touch with the Study Support team. Study Support is comprised of a team of Language and Learning Advisers, Writing Mentors and Maths Mentors, who are available on campus and online. If you need help with writing or starting/completing an assignment, book a session now or just drop into the office. You can also browse their other resources in the ‘Studying’ tab of DeakinSync.

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