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Are you a student mentor? Apply now for the Students Helping Students Awards

July 11, 2018

By Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students are experienced Deakin students trained to help, whether you want academic, practical or social support.

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Are you a Deakin student mentor? If so, you are eligible to apply for the Students Helping Students (SHS) Awards!

The SHS Awards recognise the significant contribution of student mentors across the various programs at Deakin. To apply, you must demonstrate that:

  • you’ve inspired other students to become more engaged and successful either academically, socially or practically
  • your work has been informed by the SHS Best Practice Principles
  • your work as a mentor aligns with Deakin’s Graduate Learning Outcomes.

All Deakin students who have held a role within an SHS program at Deakin during 2018 are eligible for the awards. So, whether you are an experienced mentor or just starting out on your mentoring journey, you’re encouraged to apply. There are award categories for academic, social and practical mentoring and for beginner, senior and experienced mentors.

You can read more about last year’s award recipients here.

Applications close on Monday 13 August, so apply now. 

If you would like to become a student mentor and help other students on their journey at Deakin, visit the Students Helping Students Hub to find out how. 

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