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How do you travel to uni?

July 10, 2018

By Campus Services

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How do you get to uni? At Deakin, we’re really conscious of the environment, so we encourage you to try something different this trimester and a make a difference to your health, your pocket and the world around you.

There are plenty of convenient transport options for you to choose from. Driving isn’t the only way to get to campus, and an alternative will help you to save money, save time, and ensure that your trip is smooth and stress-free.

We encourage the use of public transport, Geelong’s shuttle buses, your bike, carpooling services or your feet! The transport section of the Current Students website has detailed information about all of these options, as well as up-to-date information about parking if you have to drive. 

And, for some more inspiration, watch our new transport video and hear from four current Deakin students about how they get to uni to save time, money and the planet:



Egi Gifford

‘I’m studying Environmental Management and Sustainability. and I travel to the Burwood Campus by bike. I ride from Hawthorn which is 8km away. Driving a car is just too expensive: you have to pay for parking and, on top of that, petrol. I love that riding to uni allows me to get my daily exercise, while at the same time it’s quicker than public transport and also it’s not having a negative impact on our environment.’

Daniela Lo Surdo

‘I’m studying Wildlife and Conservation Biology. I live in Noble Park North which is a 14km / 20 min drive away from the Burwood campus (about 1.5 – 2 hours on public transport). Most days, I catch public transport to uni. If I do drive in, I drive to a bus stop or a train station (Waverley Gardens or Glen Waverley) and catch public transport from there. As I am studying Environmental Science, I want to act on what I’m learning. Catching public transport is my way of cutting down my footprint. And parking is expensive for a uni student! I use my time on public transport to revise uni work, do some readings or even just meditate and relax before a day at uni.’

Ryan Fernandez

‘I’m studying Environmental Management and Sustainability and I live in Bentleigh, around 14km from Burwood. Mostly, I take a mix of public transport and cycling. I try to avoid major roadways and take the train ‘backwards’ to Caulfield, then I ride up to Burwood. I am trying to reduce my environmental footprint and not driving a car is a big saving both environmentally and financially. It’s also a great way to stay fit. I enjoy riding through parks and back streets, especially when the sun is shining. I can put on some music and not worry about being stuck in traffic.’

Mia Pearn

‘I am studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and I live on res at the Geelong Waterfront Campus. I am originally from a small rural town called Deniliquin in New South Wales. I decided to live on res because home is 4 – 4.5 hours away and it is obviously not feasible to live at home anymore while I’m studying! I chose to live on res instead of living in a unit on my own because of the social aspects. Here on res within our apartments, we have developed our own little families, this is something that I believe makes living away so much easier for a lot of students. Being surrounded by other students is also awesome for staying motivated to study (study groups and study dates). Although I have my car here in Geelong my main mode of transport is by foot. I love that I am literally in the heart of the city of Geelong: everything is basically at my doorstep. Accidental exercise is the best form and through walking almost everywhere I get it each and every day. I have a a 700m walk to work and a 550m walk to Westfield, everything is at my fingertips and there isn’t really a need for a car (save your money and spend it on other ‘important’ things)!’

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