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How to make the perfect study space

July 6, 2018

By Cloud Campus

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A great way to prepare for your studies in the Cloud Campus is to create a study space that fits your needs. If you have a well thought-out study space you’ll be able to study more effectively and more comfortably.

Make it inspirational

Adding a visual element to your study space can help motivate you to use your study space. Hang a list of tasks above your computer and tick them off as you complete them. Put up a poster of a piece of artwork that excites your imagination. Decorate your study space with objects of a colour that you’re drawn to. You might want to be more Spartan and get rid of anything that might distract you from your studies. Either way, your study space should get you in the mood for studying.

Make it comfortable

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your study space, so you’re going to want it to be as comfortable as possible. Your study space should be ergonomic, with a good chair that allows you to sit with your feet flat on the ground and your elbows parallel to the desk. Make sure you don’t have to bend your neck to see any part of your display. If you have a laptop, consider getting a separate keyboard so you can raise your screen and not put strain on your neck. Try and work in a room that has some natural light and put in a few lamps to make sure your study space is well-lit.

Make it well-equipped

Keep your text books and handouts in your study space where you can reach them easily. That way, when you want to quickly check a quote or research a point, you won’t have to go hunting around your house. Have all your stationary in a place where you don’t have to twist around to get it. Have a notebook or pad ready to jot down any ideas or reminders.

Make it focused

There are plenty of ways to stay focused while you’re in your study space. For some, listening to music allows for greater concentration and a far more enjoyable study experience. If you prefer listening to music when you study, you should check out the Deakin Study Playlist on Spotify. If all you want is some peace and quiet, but the noise levels in your house are out of your control, try a pair of noise cancelling headphones and an ambient noise app like A Soft Murmur.

Make it functional

Remember, your study space is for studying! Don’t spend too long making sure you have the right pencil holder. And don’t be afraid to change things up as you use the space. Is that picture of the south of France you stuck on your pin board distracting you? Get rid of it!

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