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Two guys having a chat

Published 10 June 2018

It’s healthy to talk – have a conversation this Men’s Health Week

By Health and Wellbeing

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This week is Men’s Health Week (Monday 11 – Sunday 17 June 2018) and we’re encouraging all men to start a conversation about their health and wellbeing with someone they trust. The simple act of sharing a concern might turn your life around.

It’s important and normal to talk about how you’re feeling, so have a chat with someone you trust if something’s not quite right.

For many different reasons, men often feel they can’t talk about their own physical health or emotions. Maybe you’re battling through, ignoring warning signs and just hoping your problems will go away. But having a chat to someone in your family, a mate in class or at work, at band practise or the local sporting club, can stop a minor problem turning into something bigger.

Here are some important things to remember this week.

If you need support, we’re here to help.

For more information and resources, check out Beyond Blue, Movember’s website and podcasts or Headspace.

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