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Students working out in a virtual class

Published 7 June 2018

Try a virtual workout with DeakinACTIVE’s Fitness On Demand


DeakinACTIVE is the new home of sport, health and wellbeing at Deakin.

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Our new DeakinACTIVE gyms have all the usual things you’d expect to find at a fitness centre: exercise machines, weights, personal trainers, group fitness classes and change facilities with lockers and showers.

But do you know about Fitness on Demand?

Fitness on Demand (FoD) is a program of virtual fitness classes that are played on wall of screens in a dedicated room. It’s a fun way to workout ā€“ there are almost 300 classes available in a huge range of different styles. Cycle through Lake Como, do a military workout, try a series of short pilates circuits or shred with celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. 

If your workout needs a shake-up, try FoD! There are three ways you can take a class:

  1. For DeakinACTIVE Thrive and Success members, some classes are scheduled each week and you can simply come along. You can view the FoD classes in the Burwood and Waurn Ponds group fitness timetables (the FoD classes are highlighted in grey). 
  2. DeakinACTIVE Success members can choose any class from the 300-strong list (available at DeakinACTIVE receptions) and undertake the class at a time when the FoD room is available. Just speak to reception staff.
  3. If you’re a Strive member, or you don’t have a DeakinACTIVE membership, you can try a casual class for only $15. Just speak to reception staff to book your spot.

There are lots of FoD videos on their YouTube channel, so check it out for a taste of virtual fitness. And, if you want to become a DeakinACTIVE member, just visit the gyms at Burwood or Waurn Ponds and a staff member will show you the facilities and explain the membership options (which start from just $10 per week!).

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