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Published 4 June 2018

Your must-have digital study tools

By Cloud Campus

Cloud Campus students are supported through our award-winning library services, interactive study methods and student support services.

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As a Cloud Campus student you have access to a host of digital tools designed to support your studies. Whether you’re collaborating online, organising your notes or creating a list of citations – Deakin has the tool you need.

1.    Deakin Software Library

The Deakin Software Library is filled with useful software that could change the way you study in the cloud. You can use Skype for Business to have conference calls with your study buddies, use OneDrive to share drafts of group assignments, and take full advantage of everything that Office365 has to offer for either Mac or Windows. If you want to explore all the software and applications available in the Software Library, you can browse by category.

2. has thousands of instructional videos on all sorts of topics. You can expand your knowledge base by taking video courses by industry professional that work in your area of study. You can also hone your skills with various software like Office365 and Adobe Creative Suite.

3.    GoConqr

GoConqr is an online learning platform that allows you to tailor your learning experience for your own personal needs. Organise your notes into slides and include helpful images and videos. Use templates to build mind maps and visually engage with your notes. You can also use GoConqr to create flashcards and quizzes to prepare for exams.

4.    Deakin Assignment Planner

The Deakin Assignment Planner quickly breaks your assignment down into parts and recommends how much time you should spend researching, writing the first draft, re-drafting and revising. You also get an email full of handy hints on how to approach your assignment, with links to Library resources, writing in an academic style and much more.

5.    Cite this for me

Cite this for me allows you to quickly organise your reference sources into perfect citations. Just pick your citation style and then search for your source using a website address, article title, book title or ISBN. Cite this for me will then automatically convert the source into a citation. For more information on why referencing is so important, visit the Deakin guide to referencing.

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